Are both white and dark bread good for you? | Added: 14, August 2017

Scientists from the UK proved that there is no difference between whole wheat bread and a regular wheat bread (white).

Experts from the Israeli Institute of Weizmann studied intestinal bacteria, and also measured the level of fat, cholesterol, glucose and basic minerals, such as calcium and iron involvign 20 healthy people. One half of the participants ate a whole-grain unleavened bread for a week, another one the same amount of white bread from a regular store. As a rule, the participants used an average amount of bread, which is about 10% of the daily calorie rate.

"The study clearly demonstrates that eating black or white bread does not affect the parameters we are researching," comments Susan Jebb, professor of nutrition and health at the University of Oxford. "Perhaps it's a very small group of participants, so that we can identify minor differences." But the results of the study are as follows: both types of bread do not have a significant measurable impact on health."

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