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Fabled Lands: Do gamebooks need dice?

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BeSly - the Haiku, BeOS and Zeta knowledge base

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Dice Faces - Clipart library

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File:Dice-4-b - Wikimedia Commons

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Dice 4 Clipart - Free Clip Art Images

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Tonio™ Blog: Introducing jQuery dice plugin

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How to Roll a Dice in your Program | LazPlanet

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Apollo Brown  Guilty Simpson - Nasty feat. Planet Asia - Sampleface

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The Math of Numb3rs 218: All

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X-Ray Eye technique integrates horoscopes and Yi Oracles

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Tetraktys and The Six Dice-Face Numbers or Pythagorean Eidos

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Sicherman Dice -- from Wolfram MathWorld

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Emotion Dice - Game Master Dice

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Triad hexagrams of the I Ching: narrative process: KWS numbers


Jeffrey Visser


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Jennifer - Design Diary

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The Math Blog: Probability - Throwing Dice


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Mini Dice @ RWS | the c811ist

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Dice by Eric C. Harshbarger

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Pictures of the day: 8 June 2010 - Telegraph

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Time 4 Kindergarten

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