Doctors found a way to protect men from heart attack | Added: 21, August 2017

Heart attack is a common reason of death among old men
Scientists have been watching 755 patients with heart problems for 3 years.
The specialists from Medical Center of the Heart Institute in Salt Lake City found that hormonal therapy, which normalizes testosterone level of old men, reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. The study of physicians is reported on the website of Intermountain Healthcare.

The experiment involved 755 men aged 58 to 78, and all of them had a serious coronary artery disease. They were divided into three groups, each of which received its dose of testosterone.

After three years of research, 125 patients not taking additional testosterone had serious problems.

The group that took an average dose, 38 people found having undesirable effects.
Patients who took high doses of testosterone, only 22 men had some complicated problems.
Previously, scientists found that testosterone and cortisol hormones in large doses make a person lie.
It turned out that the symptoms, causes and consequences of heart attacks in women are different from the mens’.

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