Collection of Idiom Cliparts (36)

Idiom Clipart

idioms clipart

Idiom Clipart

its raining cats and dogs moving

Idiom Clipart

idiom clipart

Idiom Clipart

bear reading clipart

Than Clipart Free

worm running from bird

Hopkins&Hoppin&Happenings: Making Idioms Fun!

idioms clipart

Digital Wish


Raining Cats And Dogs Clip Art

clipart raining cats and dogs

Figurative Language/Idioms

bite your tongue idiom drawing

Idioms Clip Art Collection: Volume 1

idioms clipart

Digital Wish


Idiom Clipart

scissors clip art


car got your tongue

IOTW guess the idioms from the pictures!

break a leg literal meaning


convite menina

Idiom Activities

idioms clipart

Food for Thought

you re pulling my leg

Couch Potato Clipart

lazy couch potato cartoon

From Where Does That Phrase Come?

cliche cat got your tongue

climb the corporate ladder

pulled the plug

Idiom Clipart


Idioms, Phrases and Sayings

first aid for heat stroke


play it by ear funny

Idiom Clip Art


Idioms , Phrases

have butterflies in your stomach

Idiom Piece Of Cake Clipart

chocolate cake clip art

WROC??AW SPEEDO: January 2007

i m feeling under the weather

Idioms, Phrases and Sayings


Idiom Clipart

sirena loca

Drop In The Bucket Idiom Clipart

animales de la region andina de colombia

Comparison Clipart


Idiom Clipart

nosebleed clipart black and white

This is a quick figurative language activity targeting idioms


Idioms, Phrases and Sayings

idiom cartoons

Free Language Arts Clip Art by Phillip Martin, Idioms

clip art

GoEnglish Idioms = ",Lend Me Your Ear", = Today&English Idioms

lend me your ear