India faces Zika virus for the first time | Added: 17, August 2017

The Zika virus has now reached India.
There has been three cases of infection reported.
India faced the Zika virus for its first time, as it was reported by the World Health Organization.

Three confirmed cases have been reported so far; one was confirmed in the laboratory back in November last year, and the rest were noticed in January and February this year.

However, WHO emphasizes that it does not change the value of the global risk of the Zika virus, since it is spreading in the South-East Asia region.

As you might already know, this dangerous virus is carried by mosquitoes. According to scientists, it leads to the development of microcephaly in newborn children, and therefore, it is extra dangerous for pregnant women.

Earlier it has already been identified in the Americas, Asia and Africa, and recently a virus Zika was found in China.

It should be recalled that WHO abolished the state of emergency due to the Zika virus in November last year.

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