Collection of Sharepoint Cliparts (52)

Blue Mac Folder SharePoint Icon, PNG ClipArt Image

data folder icon mac

Wissahickon School District&eToolBox

microsoft active directory and exchange

Clip Art Training

training clipart

BRDLite 1.0 Hands

methodology clipart

Ardent Infotech

web design

Device External Drive Sharepoint Icon

shared drive ico


??? ??? ???? ??????

San Diego Computer Consulting

moss office sharepoint 2007

Free Icons

sharepoint 2016 logo

Icons , Illustrations for SharePoint Architecture Diagrams

sharepoint 2007 icons

Administrative Clip Art

evaluation clipart

Sharepoint Clipart

fall leaves coloring pages


advancement of information technology

Note to self: Read my own books and learn from my own mistakes

computer training clipart

The Visio Stencil For Sharepoint Exchange Lync And Office 2013

exchange online visio stencils

Scenario: Business Intelligence

email icon for resume blue


checklists clipart

Wanted: Superhero to Run SharePoint

supervillain clipart

Understanding Training Options around SharePoint??

training clip art

Microsoft Says Goodbye To Clip Art

microsoft clipart

Clipart Illustration of a Group Of Businessmen In Colorful Shirts

job interview clip art

How to add a slideshow to SharePoint Site

recycle clipart

Visendo Relaunch: new website, new features, less energy consumption

clipart presence

Visual Studio ALM Rangers Infrastructure  Working Group

clipart active participation

Belief Clip Art

organization clipart

5 ways to mess up SharePoint Training

school bus clipart transparent background

SharePoint Document Types

5 cliparts

Live Q,A Chat at 12 noon on Aug 6th on all things SharePoint

no conversation clip art

SharePoint Consulting Companies  how to choose the right one?

transparent website clip art

Links for Students

sharepoint online logo png

SharePoint 2013 My Tasks Synch Issues

list clipart

Create Clipart For Sharepoint Sites

globe icon

One simple tool bridges gap between SharePoint, SCORM compliance

bridging the gap png

Microsoft Brings Back Free Clip Art...Sort Of

graphic design


red traffic light

Metadata taxonomy and content types oh my spscbus

net-winged insects

Password prompts in SharePoint

clip art

Communications cliparts

cell phone tower icon

Create Clipart For Sharepoint Sites

Clip art

Megaphone Graphic

art paper

People Working Together Image


Microsoft Says Goodbye To Clip Art

microsoft clipart

Megaphone Graphic


Create Clipart For Sharepoint Sites

Clip art

Office 365 Logo clipart - Email, Blue, Text, transparent clip art

microsoft sharepoint logo png

Microsoft SharePoint Server Microsoft Project Web part Document

microsoft sharepoint png

Sharepoint Icon clipart - Blue, Text, Font, transparent clip art

sharepoint png

Sharepoint Logo Icon - Office 365 Sharepoint Icon , Transparent

office 365 sharepoint icon

Office 365 Logo clipart - Blue, Text, Product, transparent clip art

sharepoint rest api

SharePoint Microsoft Office 365 Computer Icons Office Online

formularios de google logo

SharePoint Online Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Dynamics

microsoft logo black and white

Inject Custom Css On Sharepoint Modern Pages Using - Sharepoint

white sharepoint icon