The most affordable life-prolonging product has been revealed | Added: 21, August 2017

Scientists from the American Cancer Research Institute conducted a scientific investigation and concluded that people need to eat beans daily if they want to extend their life.

Dishes made of beans increase the body's immune system to prevent a number of diseases, and in addition, its use stops the development of obesity.

"Every adult should eat a certain amount of legumes. Beans are an excellent ingredient for those who wants to become a long-liver" – this information is reported at scientific press.

According to the researchers, beans contain proteins that are well absorbed by our organism and they exceed the nutritional value of proteins, the sources of which are meat and fish.

Besides this, there are a lot of vitamins of group B, A, C and PP in this product. But beans are especially useful because they contain a large amount of vitamin E, which is an antioxidant and prevents the occurrence heart and blood vessel diseases. The content of this vitamin together with vitamins A and C contributes to the improvement of eye sight.

Scientists noted that, if to eat those daily, beans can protect your organism from rheumatic pain, intestinal disorders, dermatitis, bronchial diseases, obesity and diabetes. Also, eating beans helps with kidney diseases.

In addition to all that, beans are got when you feel extremely tired. Antimicrobial properties make this type of legumes desirable for various diseases of the mouth cavity; according to doctors, eating dishes that include beans reduces the risk of plaque formation.

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