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The France flag, also known as the Tricolour, is one of the most recognizable national flags in the world. The flag is made up of three equal vertical bands of blue, white, and red, with blue being the hoist side. The blue and red colors represent Paris, the capital city, while the white color is symbolic of the monarchy.The history of the France flag can be traced back to the French Revolution, which began in 1789. At that time, the French national flag was a solid white banner, which was considered to be the color of the French royal family. During the revolution, the French people adopted a new flag with the colors of blue, white, and red, which became the official flag of France on February 15, 1794.The symbolism of the France flag is rooted in the principles of the French Revolution, including liberty, equality, and fraternity. The blue color represents freedom, the white color represents equality, and the red color represents fraternity. The three colors also represent the three estates of the French society before the revolution: the clergy, the nobility, and the commoners.The design of the France flag has remained unchanged since its adoption in 1794. The flag has a ratio of 2:3, meaning that the height is two-thirds of the width. The blue and red stripes are placed on the hoist and fly sides, respectively, and are separated by a white stripe.The France flag is flown on many occasions, including National Day on July 14, Bastille Day, and during international sporting events. It is also displayed in public places such as government buildings, schools, and universities.In summary, the France flag is an iconic symbol of the country's history, values, and culture. Its simple yet striking design and powerful symbolism have made it one of the most recognized flags in the world.

French Flag | Flag of France

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The Flag Of Bassas Da India - The Symbol Of The Unity Of France

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France Flag by think0 on Clipart library

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Flag France | Download the National French flag

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FRENCH FLAG - Download at Vectorportal

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France Grunge Flag by think0 on Clipart library

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French Flag Wallpaper #6917465

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France Flag by think0 on Clipart library

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French Flags, Flags of France at US Flag Store

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country-flags - F - France - Page 4

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Acrylic Fridge Magnet: France - Flag of France


Marianne France Flag Wallpaper | 3000x1620 | ID:30587

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France flag by Fallof on Clipart library

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French Flag Wallpaper by GaryckArntzen on Clipart library

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French Flag | Flag of France


France Flag wallpaper | 1920x1200 | #8499

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French Flag Waving Against Time-lapse Clouds Background Stock

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 Chief rabbi says French society has turned

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France flag by AY-Deezy on Clipart library

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File:France Flag Wavy - Wikimedia Commons

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SMART Exchange - USA - French flag

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Flag France | Download the National French flag

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The French Venture Capital Scene – league tables of most active

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French flag Photo | Free Download

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Finland Flag Vector - HD Photos Gallery

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