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Investing refers to the allocation of money or capital into an asset, venture, or project with the expectation of generating a return or profit over time. There are various types of investments, each with its own set of potential risks and rewards. It's essential to understand that all investments carry some level of risk. The key is to be aware of these risks, diversify your investment portfolio to spread and mitigate potential risks, and invest based on your financial goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

What do we offer?

RoboForex company, in collaboration with Clipart Library company, offers the opportunity to trade on the Forex market using the Auto-following tool and the investment instrument "Gold" and "Silver".


To enable auto-following on the Forex market, you need by following the instructions, become a KYC (Know Your Customer) partner of the RoboForex company using the following link

Minimum requirements

1. You need to register on the RoboForex website using a special link.
2. Complete KYC (Know Your Customer) verification on the RoboForex website.
3. Have a minimum deposit of $500 (the money will always be in your account, no need to transfer it anywhere).
4. Connect to auto-following using the following link and press button Subscribe


Thank you for reading up to the most interesting point. We present to you the earnings table, please review it carefully. More details to follow.

Bot performance statistics are available at this link - click here

Now in more detail. The average total earnings are 7.08% from Gold and 5.5% from Silver, TOTAL - 12.58%

Month - shows data on earnings, drawdown, and deposit changes for each month.

Balance - The state of your deposit at the end of the month, based on a minimum of $500.

Drawdown - if you've carefully read about investing and the associated risks, you'll understand that certain news can greatly affect the price of any investment instrument. This column indicates what happened to the deposit at a certain point in time; this decrease is not fixed by us, we simply wait patiently.

Earnings % - indicates your percentage of income from the initial deposit at the end of the month.

Average earnings - the average monthly increase of your deposit.